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We are strategic partners who help firms and companies develop the skills and competencies your organization needs to compete.

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An instinct for innovation. A deep understanding of accounting and finance. A network of learning resources.

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Accounting firms and finance teams committed to professional development as a competitive advantage.

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Work with you to narrow your organization's skills gap. Build the skills of tomorrow today.

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Could Data Analytics Make Internal Control Exciting?

There is a clear link between the auditor’s understanding of internal control and their client’s push to becoming a data driven organization. Recognizing this link could be a win-win.

Our latest article “Could Data Analytics Make Internal Control Exciting” explores this relationship and can be gained if auditors were more thorough in assessing their client’s controls.

Working to harness the power of data analytics?

If your data analytics initiative is stalled, ask the right probing questions to clarify your path forward.

Auditors and finance teams are working diligently to add data analytics to their processes. Unfortunately, many of these initiatives move forward much slower than anticipated. If you find your firm in that position, our article Moving Forward with Data Analytics may help you get moving again.

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Consulting Services

For accounting firms and finance teams.

We provide a unique blend of creativity, learning, and accounting and finance expertise.

Learning Curriculum Design

Organizations turn to us when the gaps between the skills of their people and the needs of their business begin to affect the bottom line. We review their curriculum and courses and devise a strategy to align learning with business strategies. The result: an integrated, multi-pronged curriculum that provides clearly defined learning paths.

Custom Training Courses

We develop training courses across multiple delivery modes, including live seminar, immersive simulations, e-learning and learning experience platforms. We work with organizations that want to improve the effectiveness of their training. We transform slideshow lectures into active learning experiences tailored to the unique needs of the organization.

what we believe

The best way to build skills in a classroom is to challenge the learner to solve the problems they face on the job.

tailored training courses

Workshops and seminars to future proof your workforce. Topics include Data Analytics, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication and Advisory Skills, and Directing an Audit. Tailored content allows you to choose and create activities that reflect the needs of your organization.

1. Data Analytics

New technology and the data it creates are changing the way we do business. The Data Analytics workshops will provide you with a proven process to dive deep into the data, sift through it, find what's relevant, and use your analysis to make more informed decisions.

<h4><strong>In-Depth Data Analytics</h4></strong>

In-Depth Data Analytics

2-Day Workshop

supervisors and managers; financial professional and auditors

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<h4><strong>Think Like a Scientist: Introduction to Data Analytics</h4></strong>

Think Like a Scientist: Introduction to Data Analytics

1-Day Workshop

finance professionals and auditors

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<h4><strong>Data Transformation Strategies</h4></strong>

Data Transformation Strategies

1-Day Retreat

CPA firrm partners and managers

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2. Advisory Skills

As technology creeps further into accounting and finance your professionals will be called on to become more "consultative". The Advisory Skills workshops provide the means to hone the critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills required to provide insight and advice.

<h4><strong>Business Partnering Skills Workshop</h4></strong>

Business Partnering Skills Workshop

2-Day Skill Building Workshop

Finance Professionals

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<h4><strong>Advisory Skills Workshop</h4></strong>

Advisory Skills Workshop

2-Day Skill Building Workshop

CPA Audit and Tax Professionals

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<h4><strong>Introduction to Business Partnering</h4></strong>

Introduction to Business Partnering

1-Day Seminar

Finance Professionals

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<h4><strong>Introduction to Advisory Skills</h4></strong>

Introduction to Advisory Skills

1-Day Workshop

CPA Audit and Tax Professionals

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All 2 Day workshops are customizable to the needs of the organization/firm. All courses are designed to qualify for continuing education credit for CPAs.

3. Critical Skills for In-Charge Auditors

This fully immersive, two-day simulation builds the skills required to successfully supervise financial statement audits. Participant teams are tasked with planning and performing interim testwork for a ficitious company, culminating in a presentation to the engagement partner. To achieve that goal they must work effectively with the client, juggle multiple responsibilities, supervise staff and manage unexpected developments.

With our help, firm managers coach the participants through the simulation, creating a unique learning opportunity for both staff and managers

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