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Distance Learning Conversion

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MRA Learning | Distance Learning Program Development

Distance Learning Conversion

The sudden shift to a remote workforce has required organizations to convert live seminar events to distance learning. We have been creating remote solutions for over twenty years. In addition to traditional e-learning and blended learning solutions, we develop and host distance learning events on our state of the art learning management system. Click here for an overview of our facilitated distance learning solution.

Example: Rapid Distance Learning Development and Deployment

A Top 25 regional accounting firm needed to respond quickly to the stay at home orders caused by the COVID pandemic. In-person live seminar training programs would have to be redesigned to be delivered remotely.

Learning Curriculum Design

Organizations turn to us when the gaps between the skills of their people and the needs of their business begin to affect the bottom line. We review their curriculum and courses and devise a strategy to align learning with business strategies. The result: an integrated, multi-pronged curriculum that provides clearly defined learning outcomes.

Example:  Audit Staff Training Curriculum Design and Build

Accounting firms reach a point where generic training sourced from third party providers no longer meets their needs.  Firm leaders understand that the skills level of their staff, while good, is not at the superior level consistently across the firm.  The only way to compete effectively and adapt to a rapidly changing environment is to create professional development programs more closely aligned with firm strategies.

Example  Future of Finance Curriculum

An $800 million not for profit research organization wanted  its finance team to be less transactional and better able to provide insight and advice to its internal clients.

MRA Learning | Learning Curriculum Design
MRA Learning |  Custom Learning Training Courses | Professional Skills Development

Custom Training Courses

We develop training courses across multiple delivery modes, including live seminar, immersive simulations, e-learning and learning management systems. We work with organizations that want to improve the effectiveness of their training. We transform slideshow lectures into active learning experiences tailored to the unique needs of the organization.

Example: Creating a Business Advisor Mindset

A Top 25 regional accounting firm wanted to expand its value proposition beyond tax compliance to include tax planning and advisory services. This change required a transformational training strategy to enhance the team members’ business development skills and their confidence in promoting the firm’s service capabilities.

Example:  Innovative Problem Solving

A national professional services firm committed to bringing a spirit of innovation and change adaptability to their staff of nearly 2,000. 

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