Carl the Controller (workshop)

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Audit Areas

This workshop will help seniors get a jump start on planning for an actual client by identifying trends in the client’s industry and developing an inquiry strategy and specific questions to help them identify what’s changed since last year.

This workshop is for firms who would like their seniors to:

  • Improve their ability to ask clients probing questions that quickly identify matters of audit significance
  • Plan and perform audits that are responsive to the client conditions in the current year and not overly reliant on a “same as last year” approach
  • Obtain a business-oriented, client-centric understanding of the client and link that understanding to the auditor’s risk assessment.

This workshop helps participants experience the value in acquiring a deeper understanding of the client’s business—including internal control, and they explore ways in which this deeper understanding can sharpen their risk assessment to plan and perform a more effective and efficient audit.