Developing Staff (course)

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Audit Areas

Managers are expected to develop the competencies of those who work for them. Up until this point, most of their interactions with subordinates have consisted of providing guidance on how to complete specific technical tasks, reviewing the completion of those tasks and recommending corrective action when necessary.

Developing broad based competencies is very different and requires a different skill set. Most Manager training courses address the interpersonal skills required to be an effective Manager. This course is intended to supplement those courses with the skills necessary to chart a uniquely tailored professional development path for staff members and then coach them to success.

Learning Outcomes

  • Through inquiry and active listening, obtain information relevant to assess a staff member’s skills development needs.
  • Help staff obtain greater clarity about their professional development goals.
  • Assess the needs of an individual staff member and create a professional development plan tailored to those unique needs and the goals of the staff member.
  • Apply foundational coaching techniques to help others improve their skills.

Course Agenda

  • Building a Coaching Relationship

    Auditor-specific practical guidance on coaching staff. Includes role-play practice session.
  • Helping Others Navigate Challenges

    Rather than provide solutions, effective mentors help their staff gain clarity about the challenge they face and steer them to a productive resolution.
  • Creating a Professional Development Plan

    Managers play a critical role in helping their staff establish goals and create a dynamic plan for achieving them. Formal and informal learning plays a key role in the professional development plan and reinforces a culture of learning within the firm.
  • Grayson’s Professional Odyssey

    Grayson was a charismatic staff auditor with middling technical skills. A bad performance review from a prickly Partner shattered his confidence and drove him to nearly leave the firm. How did Amy counsel and develop him to be the top Manager in his class?