Essential Skills for Experienced Seniors and Managers (course)

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Making the transition to Manager will challenge the best auditors. Managers are not only responsible for one audit, they’re also responsible for multiple audits all at once. It’s not enough to be a good auditor; Managers also are expected to build advisory relationships with clients, manage teams and hold them accountable without the benefit of working with them on a daily basis.

This course will help prepare you for a leadership role by addressing the most challenging aspects of the job. This is a case study-driven learning experience that will require you to apply the skills you have while pushing you to develop the new ones you’ll need.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a plan to build a trusted advisor relationship with clients by improving credibility and reliability, establishing business intimacy, and consistently messaging that client needs are at the forefront of service delivery.
  • Establish clear expectations, provide feedback and take other steps necessary to lay the groundwork for accountability.
  • Apply best practices for setting priorities and making tradeoffs when multiple responsibilities surface simultaneously.

Course Agenda

  • Building Growth Relationships

    With their expanded responsibilities for business development, Managers must develop client relationships that go beyond being friendly and easy to work with and start to build a deeper trust that leads to profitable business relationships.
  • Holding Others Accountable

    When the work product they receive is not up to par, new Managers often have difficulty holding the responsible party accountable and instead find other ways to get what they need. This module provides a process for holding others accountable that begins with setting clear performance expectations.
  • Setting Priorities and Making Tradeoffs

    Managing multiple priorities in a world where time and resources are limited can be difficult if not impossible. In this module we provide the participants with tools that will help them learn to make difficult decisions.
  • The Manager’s Challenge

    In this case study, the Manager has three different jobs and a business development opportunity happening simultaneously, each with its own unique challenges. How can they strike the right balance repairing a client relationship, keeping the Partner happy, supervising the staff, meeting their own chargeability goals and the timely review of an audit in the field?