Essential Skills for Seniors (course)

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Audit Areas

The transition from audit staff to senior challenges auditors to shift from “doer” to “delegator,” from being responsible for only a single area to simultaneously performing and supervising several. As the person directing the day-to-day service delivery team, their skill has a direct impact on audit efficiency and client satisfaction.

Learning Outcomes

  • Direct the day-to-day operations of the engagement and complete the job on time and on budget through the successful:
    • Juggling of multiple responsibilities.
    • Delegation and supervision of staff.
  • When presented with unexpected problems, analyze information to diagnose root causes, develop multiple solutions and propose a path forward.
  • Plan the audit and conduct interim fieldwork in a way that identifies:
    • Potential audit risks early in the audit process.
    • Roadblocks that may prevent the timely completion of fieldwork.

Course Agenda

  • You’re in Charge

    The module on project management begins with a demonstration of how project management impacts realization. The remainder of the module presents basic principles of project management within an audit case study.
  • Effective Delegation

    Participants learn how to assess task requirements and the ability and willingness of staff to define the most effective delegation and supervision strategy.
  • SALY Isn’t Welcome Anymore

    Learn to identify changes at the client and the industry. Evaluate those changes and link them to risk assessment and the design of further audit procedures.
  • Case Study: River Valley Bank

    Unexpected audit and accounting issues, a client management problem and a staff accountant gone rogue — can the Senior keep the job from going off the rails?