Essential Skills for Staff (course)

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For many of these participants, being on the audit staff at your firm will be their first “real” professional job. They soon discover real world auditing with deadline pressures, a boss and clients is very different from the college classroom. The aim of this one day course is to help them develop the critical skills they need to be successful.

Learning Outcomes

  • Engage in meaningful dialogue with clients, including asking follow up questions, and collect necessary audit evidence without repeatedly returning to the client.
  • Perform audit procedures with intention and a confidence borne from a thorough grasp of the purpose of their procedure and how their work relates to other areas of the audit.
  • Ask for further guidance when required and avoid spinning their wheels.
  • Maintain a high level of personal productivity.

Course Agenda

  • Every Procedure Has a Purpose

    A practical application of the risk assessment process. Participants learn how audit procedures link to the risk of “what can go wrong?”
  • Know What You Want; Get What You Need

    2-part communications workshop that requires participants to plan for and conduct client inquiries and obtain supporting evidence when necessary.
  • Stop Spinning Your Wheels

    General personal productivity tips presented in the context of common audit situations. How to overcome a reluctance to ask for help.
  • Case Study: Flatiron Solar

    Participants must plan for a client discussion to resolve what seems to be a relatively straightforward issue. Unexpected complications arise, which require them to ask for help to determine what additional audit evidence is necessary and how to test it.