Improving Realization on Small Business Audits (2 hour webcast)

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The number one reason small business audits have low realization is that partners and managers are forced to wrap up the job after the staff has moved on to their next assignment.  Finding ways to reduce the economic loss caused by partners and managers doing staff work is the single quickest way to improve realization across the firm.

Improved engagement management is not just for staff training courses.  Partners and managers play a vital role in reinforcing the project management techniques that lead to improved economic performance.  Although not directly involved in the day-to-day delivery of services, the ways in which partners and managers communicate expectations, identify and manage project risks, and clear roadblocks will significantly affect the ability of seniors to do their job and prevent realization slippage.

In this course we’ll share what we’ve learned from hundreds of staff accountants about the true project management challenges they face and provide practical guidance on how firm leaders can best support them. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Determine the economic impact of poor project management
  • Clearly communicate project management roles, responsibilities and expectations to staff
  • Assess and communicate engagement circumstances that create project management risks
  • Evaluate the staff’s plan for the early identification and ongoing management of project management risks