Is Titcomb’s Ready for Data Analytics? (case study)

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Audit Areas

Titcomb’s has an ambitious plan to incorporate data analytics into its business model. Can the auditors leverage their understanding of information systems and internal control to offer management insight into whether the company’s data quality is sufficient for advanced analysis?

On every audit, auditors are required to obtain an understanding of their clients’ information processing systems and internal control.  For decades, audit firms have sought to leverage this understanding to provide insight to clients about their operations—insights they hoped would lead to selling additional services.  These efforts have largely been unsuccessful.

This workshop takes another run at this age old problem by directly linking information processing and internal control to data analytics, which is an issue confronting almost all of their clients in every industry.  This case study is a good fit for firms that:

  • Provide data analytics consulting services and
  • Want to use their audit engagements to identify consulting opportunities