Remote Supervision and Team Management

Working from home creates many challenges that, if not addressed, can depress realization and lower profitability.  This webcast provides practical advice and tips for supervising individuals and managing teams remotely.  Our goal is to help your managers and supervisors become more adept at managing their teams remotely, improving employee engagement and project efficiency.  (more…)

Duration:  2 hours

Project Management for Auditors

Audit departments are perpetually looking for ways to make their processes more efficient and cost effective.  Tinkering with methodology changes can only get you so far.  Most cost overruns occur because field supervisors leave too much for senior level team members to complete to wrap up the job.  That’s why we believe that the quickest way  to build sustainable efficiency is to improve the project management skills of their staff.  (more…)

Duration:  2 hours

Improved Audit Planning through Analytics

Improved planning analytics allow audit teams to identify audit issues earlier in the audit, which saves dramatically on manager and partner time during wrap up. Most audit firms already have the tools to perform basic but powerful analyses of critical data sets during planning. What’s missing is a structured approach to frame the problem to be solved, create a testable hypothesis, test the data set, and analyze the results.

This course introduces auditors to that process, allowing them to harness the power of the tools they most likely already have.  (more…)

Duration:  2 hours