Participant Takeaways from Our Data Analytics Pilot

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We just wrapped up the pilot from our data analytics intro course, Think Like a Data Scientist, and I’m calling it a win.  At the end of all of our courses we ask “what are your takeaways from this experience?” and hopefully what they say matches up with, you know, our learning objectives.

Here were the participant takeaways from the course.

  • It’s not about the software.  You don’t have to be an Excel or IDEA (mindbridge, whatever) guru to analyze a data set and get meaningful results.
  • Use the right tool for the job.  Sometimes, a simple pivot table can give you what you need.
  • Think like a data scientist.  We teach them a structured approach to analysis that we call the data analytics lifecycle.  It focuses on framing the problem and forming a hypothesis (or as they say in the auditing literature “an expectation”)
  • Spend time on your planning analytics.  A good planning analysis will help auditors identify audit issues earlier in the engagement, which has a direct impact on realization.

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