Innovative Problem Solving

September 12, 2020 - -

The Need

A national professional services firm committed to bringing a spirit of innovation and change adaptability to their staff of nearly 2,000.

The Challenge

Traditional training programs would not meet the firm’s objectives.  Not only did they want to build innovation and problem solving skills, they wanted an immediate ROI by using the learning event to create solutions that would provide an immediate economic benefit to the firm.

The Solution

We created a multi-step, hands-on workshop to develop innovation and problem solving skills.  Teams of staff members were asked to submit applications to the program, and firm leaders picked the projects they believed could be of greatest benefit to the firm.  During the workshop they learned how to reframe problems, identify root causes and apply proven techniques for generating innovative and effective solutions.

The Results

The workshop culminated with each team presenting the problem they chose to tackle, their proposed solution, and a roadmap for creating a minimum viable product and pilot testing their idea.  All five solutions were subsequently adopted by the firm.

Feedback from a participant

Your involvement and excitement in our project was inspiring.  We are taking away significant insight and experience the will help us throughout our careers.