Audit Core Staff Training

September 12, 2020 - -

The Need

Accounting firms reach a point where generic training sourced from third party providers no longer meets their needs.  Firm leaders understand that the skills level of their staff, while good, is not at the superior level consistently across the firm.  The only way to compete effectively and adapt to a rapidly changing environment is to create professional development programs more closely aligned with firm strategies.

The Challenge

Firms lack the resources and learning expertise to develop comprehensive staff training curriculums.  The upfront investment to develop courses is significant.  Ongoing maintenance and updating is not insignificant.

The Solutions

We have created multi-level core staff training curriculums for two Top 25 accounting firms.  Annually, these core programs train over 500 auditors across a national footprint.  We work with firm leaders to better understand the firm’s skills gaps and the specific work situations where those skills will be applied.  We develop case studies and learning activities that mimic those real world scenarios, and we train their facilitators on how to coach the staff through the learning experiences.

The Result

We leave the firms a complete set of training materials, including train the trainer materials.  We provide them with a detailed manual to help them implement the processes and procedures necessary to maintain and evolve the programs going forward.

One of our programs was nominated by the firm for an ATD Excellence in Practice Award; another program was featured in the firm’s “Best Places to Work” profile.