Creating a Business Advisor Mindset

September 11, 2020 - -

The Need

A Top 25 regional accounting firm wanted to expand its value proposition beyond tax compliance to include tax planning and advisory services. This change required a transformational training strategy to enhance the team members’ business development skills and their confidence in promoting the firm’s service capabilities.

The Challenge

Most of the firm’s tax managers tended to promote their technical tax compliance expertise. The firm needed to train its team members to see themselves as business advisors focused on solving client needs. Many CPA firms have struggled to change this mindset and few have succeeded on an institutional level.

The Solution

We determined that the best way to develop a business consulting service orientation within the firm’s culture was through a customized learning program based on unique, relatable case studies. We worked closely with the firm’s subject matter experts to develop a two-day, case study-driven workshop to develop the confidence and skills required to comfortably and effectively promote the firm’s business advisory expertise.

The Result

The tax business advisor workshop has been offered annually by the firm since the initial roll out and it is consistently their highest rated tax training program. The content development model we created—that of consulting with internal subject matter experts to develop and deliver a case study-based curriculum—has been duplicated by the firm for other training topics.