Future of Finance Curriculum

September 12, 2020 - -

The Need

An $800 million not for profit research organization wanted  its finance team to be less transactional and better able to provide insight and advice to its internal clients.

The Challenge

Embracing the future of finance across a large, diverse organization with complicated proprietary IT systems posed a unique set of challenges.  The envisioned future meant different things to different groups.  Existing training content was distributed across the organization, and there was a general lack of consensus about the roles and responsibilities of future finance professionals.

The Solution

We worked with project sponsors to better understand their vision of the future of finance and the combination of skills that would be required not just refashion the role of the finance department but also provide professional development activities to retain top talent.  We developed a learning curriculum, consolidated internal courses and sourced offerings from third parties .

The Result

A complete future of finance curriculum and a foundational course offering to jumpstart the transformation of the organization’s finance function.