We focus on upskilling for digital transformation.  We have worked for years with finance and audit organizations to understand their vision of the future and their upskilling needs, which include:

  • Advisory skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Data analytics
  • Project management

Communication skills are vital to any upskilling effort, which is why they are embedded in all of our courses.

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We have a long history of serving public accounting firms, and we have a deep understanding of the professional development aspirations of most firms.

For auditors to perform at their best, they need more than technical and a collection of checklists and work programs. Auditors need to be able to solve problems and analyze information to make sound judgments. They need to build relationships with clients that deepen over time. And they need to manage and lead others, and to contribute to teams that complete projects on time and on budget.

For that reason, we have adapted elements of our upskilling curriculum to build the skills in the context job-specific tasks such as risk assessment, internal control and assessing audit evidence.


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Enterprise Solutions

We offer the following solutions for organizations that want to improve the effectiveness of their training.  All of our courses are activity-based and built around case studies and real world scenarios.  We use a variety of proven learning design strategies that take the organization's training far beyond traditional lecture-based continuing education.

Tailored training programs start with our core upskilling course content.  We then collaborate with your organizations leaders and subject matter experts to modify our case studies, examples, and learning activities to address the unique needs of your organization.  We can deliver this training as in-person seminar, virtual classroom, or facilitated distance learning.

We build custom training programs for any mode of synchronous, asynchronous, or blended learning delivery.  Our learning and development and design pedigree combined with our expertise in accounting and finance allows us to minimize cost and reduce the time and effort needed from your subject matter experts.  Synchronous learning courses include train the trainer sessions to enable your in-house instructors to deliver these programs effectively.  Learn about our custom course development experience.