Auditor Learning Needs 2021

Who Should Attend this Webcast

This webcast is for learning leaders at CPA firms who want to better understand the learning needs of their audit professionals.


In the time of COVID and the remote work environment, the nature of auditing is rapidly changing, creating new training needs.  In addition, the AICPA’s efforts to improve audit quality have shined a spotlight on existing audit skills gaps that learning programs should address.

Understanding these skills gaps is critical for assessing learner needs and leaving you better prepared to craft learning objectives, plan course development, and evaluate third party offerings.

On Tuesday February 9th, 2:00 pm eastern, we’ll be hosting a panel discussion and Q&A session with Carl Mayes.  Carl is an Associate Director at the AICPA  who directs the Institute’s efforts to improve audit quality.  In that role he is keenly aware of those areas where auditors are most in need of improving their knowledge and skills.

To help you get the most from this discussion, we prepared a video, Auditing and Accounting in 5 Minutes.  This video will give you some insight into how auditors approach their work and frame their learning needs.

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February 9, 2021, 2:00pm eastern

Duration:  45 minutes