The Art of Analysis

how to survive when thrown into the deep end of the pool

Critical thinking is a foundational skill that separates the consistently high performers from those who are just “pretty good.” The ability to effectively analyze a set of facts, make reasonable assumptions and apply logic to arrive at a supportable conclusion is what allows a person to successfully navigate uncharted waters and tackle new challenges.

This course applies this general process to the specific needs of finance and accounting professionals and some of the situations they are most likely to encounter. Clarity is at the heart of insightful analysis, and this course will provide practical advice on how to create clarity in yourself and others at critical points in the analysis process.

Learning Objectives

  • Clearly frame the issue and questions to be addressed
  • Evaluate information
  • Identify assumptions and bias
  • Construct logical conclusions
  • Anticipate the impact of proposed action and mitigate potential negative consequences

Duration: 1 day
Delivery: Live seminar; facilitated distance learning

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