Hitting the Curveball

solving problems in an ever changing world

The one certainty all can agree on is that next year will not be the same as last year. Teams will be forced to solve a variety of unexpected problems that involve complex tradeoffs and for which a precedent does not exits. Recognize these problems too late, or worse yet, solve the wrong problem, and the engagement is doomed to low realization.

Client expectations are changing. It’s not enough for an audit firm to provide technical expertise. Clients need problem solvers who can sort through a myriad of business issues. Some may be technical in nature, but others may involve business regulations, technology, business expansion or data quality.

This course teaches a structured approach to problem solving, beginning with the most important step, developing a clear statement of the problem. From there the course provides practical advice for generating solutions and selecting alternatives and ultimately making a decision.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a clear and actionable problem statement
  • Analyze the problem and re-frame it to achieve more desirable results
  • Generate and evaluate alternative solutions
  • Choose a solution based on all available evidence and risk tolerance levels.
  • Overcome barriers to making confident decisions

This is a practical course that offers benefits beyond developing staff competencies. During this course, the participants will work on creating a solution to a current problem the firm faces. We’ll share their thoughts with firm leadership after the learning event has ended.

Duration: 1 day
Delivery: Live seminar; facilitated distance learning

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